Sweet Therapy’s Holographic Fall Preview !!

Well Hi there! Remember me? I used to write blogs here- then I came down with a hideous disease! Okay- it’s just Walking Pneumonia.I just like to act dramatic here because I’m a Mum and I can’t act like that at home. Pretty sure no one would care any how! HAHA!

So Tanaya from Sweet Therapy sent me some polishes to swatch from her new holographic line! I really can’t tell you how lovely these are. The formulas are just wonderful- a few only took 1 coat! Which is nearly unheard of in the handmade polish realm. *Notice I said “nearly unheard of” meaning, I haven’t heard of any- but if you have- don’t take it personally !! * 😀 Tanaya is so sweet and she also makes lovely bath and beauty products! You can visit her shop at http://www.sweettherapy.etsy.com  – So let’s dig in!

Sweet Therapy

Sweet Therapy

So these are the lovelies she sent me, along with a sweet Thank You card! (I blurred the photo because at the time I was concerned about privacy.)

First up is “Hollow Queen” :

"Hollow Queen" by Sweet Therapy

“Hollow Queen” by Sweet Therapy

This was difficult to photograph! It has a lovely lavender and pink holographic hue. It reads as grey from some angles. In lower light- as in moonlight the holo really shimmers! Perfect polish for a night out!

Next up is “Plumb Berry” I took a low light shot and a day shot to give the sparkles their “due” :

Low light shot of "Plumb Berry" by Sweet Therapy

Low light shot of “Plumb Berry” by Sweet Therapy

This is low light- The glitters are really standing out. And this is just 1 generous coat! The formula is so smooth and cleans up nicely! I’m kind of obsessed with 1 coat polishes that just glide onto my digits! Here’ comes the daylight shot:

Daylight shot of "Plumb Berry" by Sweet Therapy

Daylight shot of “Plumb Berry” by Sweet Therapy

In the daylight it seems more holographic “bits and fleks” then shimmery. I just love that plum color- which is completely on trend for the new Fall season!

Next we have “Strawberry Kiss”:

"Strawberry Kiss" by Sweet Therapy

“Strawberry Kiss” by Sweet Therapy

This is so sweet and girly! It’s such a lovely take on a standard Fall wine color. It almost insinuates pink- but with sophistication! This was also just 1 easy coat! I could definitely see this shade making it through the Winter and early Spring seasons as well!

Last but not least we have “Honey B” :

"Honey B" by Sweet Therapy

“Honey B” by Sweet Therapy

This lime green/yellow shimmer-baby is GORGE! I don’t usually like a yellow on my skin tone..but this is definitely not the case with this pretty! The tiny holo glitters just make you want to stare at your fingers! You know when you get that polish you could just stare at it in EVERY different lighting possible? Like you’re afraid to look at your hands when you’re driving because you might just stare too long?- Yup! That’s this polish! And these are available for $7.50 for a full size!!

Now you’ll note from the first picture that Tanaya sent me 5 polishes.. It seems Miss Zoë Jane decided to grab the remaining bottle in it’s cute little bag, and make off with it. As some of you know, my house is under renovation. We have boxes and building supplies all over this joint! So I’ll have to edit this post with a swatch, once I locate it. I’ll also make sure to put it up on IG. (Sorry Tanaya!! ❤ You know babies though- they’re fast like lightning and sneaky too!)

Remember, you can purchase these polishes and other lovely handmade sundries at http://www.sweettherapy.etsy.com  you can also “Like” them on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/SweetTherapy1    And don’t forget about her IG page! http://instagram.com/sweet_therapy_shop#

Thanks for reading!

Have a great weekend!!

❤ Anne-Marie


Stamping?! Oh NO YOU DIDN’T!

Okay- sorry for the late post. I have a respiratory infection that’s kickin’ my A$$. But I love you guys and always feel the need to torture you with my jibber-jabbering.

Let me start by saying that I am really stressed with my present living situation. My Hubby’s a great guy! Unfortunately my MIL ain’t so great. I know what you’re thinking- “OMG! She’s going to find out about this post!” Don’t worry, she doesn’t believe in the interwebs. Apparently, she only believes in harping on me during her drunken frenzies and passing out at unreasonably early hours of the evening. She’s fully aware of my feelings on the subject- so this would come as no surprise to her. It’s incredibly difficult to live with someone who has a drinking problem. I should know, since this isn’t the first time in my life that I’ve had a relative force me and my family to endure this type of behavior. Don’t get me wrong- I understand that this is a disease. I honestly have compassion for her. She didn’t have the greatest childhood. Her Husband left her for a woman she was friends with for years. None of that can be easy to take. We are all only human. What upsets me is the need to hurt the people that love her. I can’t imagine saying cruel things to my children. No matter how much pain I was in. The thought of hurting them in such an intentional way, brings tears to my eyes. But I have to watch her do that, to my ever stoic Husband. Her 1st born. The Father of my child and love of my life. I’m not perfect- but therapy has done wonders. I feel like after 30- it’s time to fix your issues. Hey- you can even wait til 35! Healing can be scary- but at some point you have to decide what’s most important to you. I love my kids- I mean like REALLY love them! I want them to have good memories of me. I don’t want them to resent me or feel like my vices were more important than them. I love my friends and my Mum and siblings. I will continue to love my MIL. Because maybe she’s just doing what she knows. Sadly, she may never see or realize the wonderful gift of a Grand Daughter she has. A Son who loves her, despite her flaws and a DIL that will continue to make her lunch for work every night.  But I will continue to love her as best I can and remind myself –

“There but for the grace of God, go I”

If you’re struggling with living with an Alcoholic/Addict I highly suggest visiting http://www.al-anon.alateen.org/home To find meetings and online support groups.

Okay now let’s lighten up this joint! My Sister-from-another-mister (I have 2 both named Jessica- it’s great- I can buy “Jess” gear in 2’s :D) I kid. They’re both so sweet and they both surprised me with nail mail this week. You’ll defs be seeing some of the stuff that http://instagram.com/jesspaintshernails# at some point. But I just couldn’t get as much done this week as I wanted to because of my “hideous disease” HAHA!

But Jess aka @nibslovesnails on IG http://instagram.com/nibslovesnails# sent me a Julie G motherload! Which was amazing because I was on a “NoBuy” after my vacation. Sidebar: I love this girl! Both of my Jess’ have come to mean so much to me. Jess S. aka Nibs- talks to me everyday, either over the phone or through texts. It’s like a ritual for me now. She genuinely cares about me. As do I her. It means the world to me. And Jess M. (she’s preggers and has a little one, so she’s a tad bit busy) Always finds the time to check in with me, love on my silliness and make me laugh. I’m just so thankful that this community helped this old lady- S.A.H.M. with no life- feel like she matters. Thanks Sissy’s, I love you!

OKAY! so here’s mah swatches:

my first attempt at stamping

my first attempt at stamping

nails 074

I decided to start with the hilarity that is my first attempt at stamping with my VERY long awaited stampers from http://www.aliexpress.com These took almost 2 months to get here. But , I think they’re well worth it. Laugh it up rockers!! 😀 I can assure you the stamping product is totally “operator error”. But I’ll keep practicing. It was only $4.50 for 3 of these super sticky, super squishy stampers. The only downer is that I had to glue the stamping pad into the holder. No worries though, it worked out fine once they dried. I thank http://instagram.com/nailstampfanatic# for hooking me up with this company!

Now wipe your tears of laughter off your face… Okay you good? Look at this gorge “blurple” from Julie G- this is “Cabana Boy”- *drool”- I love this color- this is 1 coat! With my terrible stamping over it- but what evs. You get the point. It’s gorgeous and I will definitely swatch a clean version of it when I feel better.

Up next:

nails 079

This is from the Julie G Gumdrop collection “Crushed Candy” . GAH! It’s so pretty! When I swatched it for IG I wasn’t aware it was from that collection and I noted in my post how glittery and textured it was. DERP!  Then @nibslovesnails and I were on the phone and she set me straight. This is 2 coats with 1 coat of Seche Vite. So pretty! And actually removed pretty easily.

Finally, this is the kicker:

"Mermaid's Tale"

“Mermaid’s Tale”

This is Julie G’s “Mermaid’s Tale” ! UM- YUMMY!! This is not textured- but it’s this glittery! It’s bananas how shimmery! I have long hair nearly to my bottom- but I wished it was deep red when I painted these on so I could be Ariel! It’s so gorge!

I just want to thank Jess aka @nibslovesnails for supporting me through a “No buy” especially since I’ve been so ill. You made this post happen girly! I loves you to the moon and back!

Every week I try to post up and coming nail artists and bloggers from the IG community. This week I have a lovely “beginner” Casey L. I love this dolly! She’s so very sweet and has been so patient with me! Here’s Casey:

Anne-Marie, thank you for this opportunity!

Hi everyone! My name is Casey; I’m from Missouri, and I LOVE polish! I started painting my nails when I was a little girl (more years ago than I care to admit to) but in the last couple of years I have started really getting into it. A few months ago I decided (after some encouragement from friends) to start a nail account on Instagram to share my love. I am sure my friends in “real life” are relieved that I found so many amazing people online to gush about polish with. Last week I finally started a blog caseylanelovespolish.blogspot.com, and I am so excited to share my love of polish and nail art with the world.

I recently tried the fan brush technique, and I absolutely love it. There are a lot of videos and pictorials online showing how to achieve this effect, and it really is super simple with big payout.

The colors for this mani were inspired by my lovely little sister Mel. For this mani I started with 3 coats of OPI My Vampire is Buff. Once that was mostly dry, I took my fan brush and lightly dipped it in to OPI Do You Lilac It then lightly brushed it from side to side over the nail. Then I mixed OPI Ski Teal We Drop with a little white and repeated the process with it. After that I added a little more My Vampire is Buff with the fan brush, and added more of the other colors as I saw fit. This technique is hard to screw up, because you can always go back and add more of the other colors. It was missing something at that point, so with some help from my color expert friend Ashlea I decided to add gold. I’m not a fan of yellow gold, so this was a big step for me. And I’m so happy I added it! This gold is Wet-n-Wild Gold Album, it’s such a pretty color. After that I cleaned up with a brush and some acetone, and then added a nice coat of Seche Vite to smooth it out and protect the art.

I hope you all try this technique out, it’s so much fun! I plan to do a lot more of it in the future.

caseynails1 caseynails2

Thanks so much Casey! This is gorgeous! Thanks so much for contributing this week and being so patient!

You can follow Casey’s amazing creations on Instagram here:  http://instagram.com/caseylanelovespolish#

If you’re interested in contributing your Swatches or nail art creations drop me a line at plasteredandpolished@gmail.com

I hope you all have an amazing and joy-filled weekend! Thanks so much for reading! Be well! and P.S.- I Love you! ❤