Open Up and Say “Ahhhh!”.. To Doctor Lacquer!

So sorry for not posting lately! There’s been loads of annoying MIL related issues going on here at home. Add a toddler to the mix- and plain, general “malaise” … it’s not exactly a recipe for “fun time”. That being said, I really wanted to tell you guys about Doctor Lacquer!

I can’t really get enough of this lady’s creations. I mean REALLY! I’m completely addicted to her Jelly and Crelly, glitter creations!  Sometimes, I feel alone in the “strange-love” I have for this style of polish. Often, I can’t find a line that fulfills my wishes; Squishie, jelly, crelly and glittery – but not too “show-ey” . I realize I just made up alot of words.. but if you get it.. you GET IT!

Lately, I’ve been having a difficult time choosing collections from my Indie faves. There’s either too many to choose from, or orders I’ve made, that to this day- haven’t been fulfilled. Yup! I have paid money to said persons- and not received my orders. Doesn’t really seem fair- Does it? It’s truly put a damper on my endeavors. I can’t swatch or design for you – on my dime- if you can’t deliver and be an honest business person.

That’s NEVER happened with this company! So let’s get on to the polish..

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From top to bottom : “Fashion Magazine” – “The Perfect Lipstick”- “Natural Beauty”

“Fashion Magazine” – 3 Coats- no real pain in getting the glitters. Full crelly coverage! I’m in love with the new labels and the new bottle shape! The only sad thing I can say about this- I used it twice and it’s 1/4 gone. I don’t want it to leave my life! The glitters are gorge and the suspension is AMAZING! The pretty little neon studs, were a gift from Lesley http://instagram.com/polishaus# from Polishaus. I thought they were a gorgeous combination!


Next up from Doctor Lacquer –


“The Perfect Lipstick”- This is a lavender/pink jelly. The suspension is amazing, but the brush is a little too narrow to pick up the glitters. This swatch was achieved by pulling out my nail art brushes. Now don’t get upset! These things happen on “first runs”. Personally,  I’d recommend that all Indie polish artisans use wider brushes for their “glitter bombs”.. that being said, It doesn’t mean they’re doing it “wrong”. It’s all trial and error. And the polish stands well on it’s own. So I say – YES!- pick this up if you can. There’s no “undies” on this swatch. Just terrible weather , which =bad lighting.

Lastly- My favorite.. Which is weird , since I look terrible in most yellows- but…

nails 332

This … GAH! I love this “yelly-jelly”!! This is “Natural Beauty” . WHAT A BEAUTY! This really only needs two coats for full coverage- without opacity. I swatched it over a CG yellow. But only because I wanted it to be super vibrant. The picture above shows the macro and the swatch on a transparent swatch stick.

I can say most honestly that I LOVE Doctor Lacquer’s polishes! I’ve never been disappointed. The shipping is fast- the customer service is beyond amazing. But most important- the product is Top-Notch!

Plus, I have a strange affinity for anything “toof-shaped” 😀

You can purchase these polishes and others from Doctor Lacquer here -http://doctorlacquer.storenvy.com

And don’t forget to follow Doctor Lacquer on IG here: http://instagram.com/doctorlacquer#

Thanks for reading! And remember to support your Indie polish makers and DIY’ers EVERYWHERE!

❤ Anne-Marie