Why I hate Walmart. Reason #1017

reason #1017 “Why I Hate Walmart” : I have a baby. I need to diaper and feed said baby. Unfortunately, due to the present economy and my location in the world… I have to shop at Walmart. Today, I experienced a major issue with the populace that frequents Walmart. It was sad and here it goes:

At the check out, as my Husband was overseeing the bagging, I was attending to my sweet Zoë Jane. In front of the nail salon located within said Walmart, A girl.. (I won’t call her a woman.) Sporting a “skin carving” of a Swastika on her bare, right back shoulder-blade…was pushing her little girl..(which unfortunately, due to her very unkempt state, took a long look for me to realize it was a girl.) In a filthy stroller, with little feet, blackened from dirt at the bottoms. She looked tired and hungry and was sobbing. Her beautiful golden hair seemed to have been hacked off carelessly. Her gorgeous deep brown eyes seemed to sad. She was exhausted. I could tell this child of probably no older than 2 needed supper, a bath, clean jammies, a story and a clean bed. None of which I think was in her future. I was immediately enraged. It was that bad. Her mother had her MP3 player plugged in to her ears and ignored every whimper and sob.

LET’S BE CLEAR: I was not judging this woman on a possible mistake she made in her youth for her Swastika carving. It’s none of my business. But this baby girl was clearly in need of care.

The woman checking out of the register next to me, was also looking at this situation. You have to understand what it felt like for us, as mothers with daughters just feet from this poor darling. Our daughter’s were clean, happy, wearing clean clothing, well fed.

This little princess was filthy, sad, neglected. As mothers we were struggling to hold back the feelings of anger. We exchanged looks, both of us bordering on tears.

I have a neurological disorder that makes me shake. When I’m angry and trying to hold it in- it’s VERY visible- in my whole body. I didn’t want to cause a scene. I actually felt sick too my stomach! I thought “This little girl is no less important than mine, she deserves loving arms and care and consolation. Why do I have to sit and watch this?! Why does she have to be next to the happy, clean and well-fed kids?! While she is suffering!! Please God! Take care of her!!”

I did see a glimpse of my daughter’s sweetness. She gazed upon her fellow beauty and gave her the signature Zoë Jane smile- super “toothy” and completely genuine. The little darling smirked back- right before her mother pushed her in the other direction.

I begged my Husband to hurry and get us out of there- I thought and prayed “Dear Lord- please let this little girl be safe. Please let me never see her face on the news! Please find a way to help her Mum realize the potential in the gift that is her child!”

I hope you pray for this little girl tonight. I wish she could know the mark she made on my heart. I will never let her escape from my prayers. I will never forget her.


One thought on “Why I hate Walmart. Reason #1017

  1. So sad 😦 I hate it when you see situations like that. I understand some people have rough days and their kids will cry in the store and nothing calms them down and eventually you give up (ahem, might be personal experience talking here haha), but when you add in all those other factors it definitely gets concerning. :/ Hopefully her future will improve.

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