Shimmers and Hol-OH-my!

I’m dying! Okay that’s a bit dramatic. But I feel like I’m dying. After returning from vacation, I woke up the next day to a terrible Summer Flu. I hate being sick in the heat. The last thing I want to do when I can’t breathe is suck in the thick, 100 degree,Florida air. Plus, as any Mum knows; kids don’t care if you’re sick. Babies SUPER don’t care. To top all this off, I wake up to “Aunt Flo” making her monthly visit. (TMI? Too BAD! I’m cranky! :P) . That being said, I’m obviously so obsessed with polish, that I had to post, regardless of how crumby I feel. This will be a short post from me, but no worries, I have a few friends to help out!

So let’s just get straight to it, because I can feel my bed calling to me.

I’ve already gushed over my love of glitter crellies. I’m not particularly fond of shimmers and glitters on my skin tone. Honestly, most times I feel like I’m too old to wear them. But recently, I’ve decided to say “screw it” , I’m going to wear what I want. My baby is usually the only person I see most days anyways. Plus,there are so many cute indie holos, glitters and duo-chromes out there and I have to “haz all the polish”! 😀

So today I bring you Etheral Lacquer’s “Mistress of All Evil” which is part of the “Sweet Venom” collection. I purchased this while I was in hot pursuit of “Dragon Queen”. Sadly I never got my paws on DQ, but I was happy to have this beauty just the same.

"Mistress of All Evil"

“Mistress of All Evil”

"Mistress of All Evil"

“Mistress of All Evil”

This is a lovely holo/duochrome. It’s been described as grey with a purple shimmer,but I found it to be definitely more on the green side. Either way -It’s gorgeous! I’m not even sure if photos do it justice. It seems like it’s much better in real life. The formula was amazing, I applied 3 very thin coats to achieve this hue as it is very sheer. I could really see this being a nice topcoat over black or a dark purple. You can purchase this and many other lovely shades here  Although, I think Meagan is working on her restock at the moment, so make sure you check back if the site is under maintenance. For swatches and instant updates, you can follow Ethereal Lacquer on Instagram here And if you get to the “Dragon Queen” before me- save me a bottle! 😀

Every week I try to bring you up and coming nail artists. The thing is, I don’t think just painting patterns and pictures makes you a nail artist. Sometimes the perfect swatch can make me swoon! So today I decided to show you a few of my favorite people from the IG community that happen to be obsessed with holos. First up is Jess S. or @nibslovesnails from IG :

“Hi, my name is Jessica. I’m from Alabama. I’m recently engaged, a small business owner, and I love to do my nails as my form of therapy. I find it gives me a way to be creative and also gives me something to focus on and calm my always racing mind. I have always been one to keep my nails painted, because I LOVE color. But I just started getting into nail art and indie polishes the end of January of this year (2013). I as many other would have to blame Instagram for the spiral is has now sent me down, but I do not regret a second of it. I am always somewhat doomed to having nubs compared to most of the ladies out there in IG world, but I make do best I can and firmly believe that just cause I am rocking nibs, doesn’t mean I can’t rock a mean mani. Just have to find what works for you and do what makes you happy.

I would say if you asked many of my followers what my favorite manis are, they would quickly say I am obsessed with doing tape manis, as well as any holo polish I can get my hands on. But for this I am going to stick with my love for holos. I jokingly call myself a holowhore (sorry if that offends, but hey it’s who I am). And I swear non can make them like indie makers can. My first love of all the, is Enchanted Polish. Of my indie polish collection, hers I have the absolute most of. So that’s what I am choosing to share with you today.


She just recently came out with a collection based from the band MGMT, which is a band I love and literally one of their songs is my absolute favorite. The collection was called “Time to Pretend” and my absolute favorite from that collection actually is the self title “Time to Pretend”. It’s a gorgeous multi-chrome holographic polish, and it is everything that encompasses what I consider to be her ultimate polish. The color is amazing and the fine holo glitters that set the polish off, make a hard to find polish like this absolutely worth having in a collection.

I hope you have enjoyed what I shared with you, and have a great day. 🙂 ”


Thanks Jess! You’re the best! You can find Jess on Instagram here You can also tune into her radio show “Nibbles at Night” Tuesday nights at 9-11pm CDT at

Next up is Wes AKA @polishmemanly from IG :

“Thank you for letting me submit these:

Howdy, from the great state of Texas!  My name is Wes.  Wait a second…. Yes I’m a guy, and I love nail polish and painting my nails.  I’m obsessed with them.  I’ve been painting my nails since September 2012.  I’m 32 and straight.  I was a nail biter my whole life until I decided to start painting my nails and haven’t chewed a nail since.  My stash now exceeds 300 polishes.  You can find me on Instagram and Twitter @polishmemanly is my name.I affectionately call myself a #manwhoreforholos.  ”

“I’m wearing Literary Lacquers If it Pleases you which can be found here: ”

wesmani wesmani2

Thanks Wes, it was pleasure to have you contribute this week!


Last but certainly not least is Amanda AKA @amaree31 from IG


“Here it goes!

Hey guys! My name is Amanda! I’ve been polishing for just over a year. I
started because I joined Instagram and saw a watermarble. I just HAD to try
it! It’s been completely down hill since then but it’s been a great,
inspirational, and self-soothing journey! It also brought on my nail polish
buying/hoarding obsession! I’m a social worker by day and a nail polisher
by night!

For this mani I used China Glaze When Stars Collide and topped it with
Enchanted Polish Ice Castle. I loved it! It was so hard to concentrate all day long!”


Thanks so much Amanda- this is really pretty! You can check out more from Amanda on Instagram

Thanks to all 3 of my contributors this week! Remember if you’d like to featured here- drop me a line at

Thanks for reading! Until next week! Have an amazing weekend lovelies!!


2 thoughts on “Shimmers and Hol-OH-my!

  1. Holo love! Anything that shimmery is always good 😉 I hope you feel better, what a terrible combo!!! And I’m in love with that ethereal lacquer, so divine! And as always, amazing contributors 🙂 What a good bunch!!

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