Empower Nail Art ..I’m stuck on you!

Hello! I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July. Being that I’m a Mum to a 15 month old and a wife to a man who works every holiday- mine was low key, to say the least. Luckily, I live in an area that is about 10 blocks away from the ocean, which means plenty of foot traffic and foolery supplied by the locals. So it’s practically like having a college “rager” happening in your front yard! Sounds fun, right? Yeah..

SO, this week I have the pleasure of bringing you something completely different. First, let me start by saying a HUGE thanks to Lucien Henderson from Empower Nail Art, without his generosity and support, I may not have been able to bring you this amazing product. I had the pleasure of talking to Lucien by phone about a week ago, after attempting to purchase a sheet of nail fabric from his website. I say “attempting” because after choosing the item and proceeding to check out- I kept getting bounced off the site. It was making me nervous because I just HAD to try this out and it just wasn’t working. Luckily, I am connected to him on IG. I commented to him that I was having difficulty on his website and hoped he would get it fixed so that I could purchase some product from him for review. He immediately responded, telling me I could email or call him. “Call him”?! “This can’t be true!”, I thought. What are the chances you could actually get a person from a company, let alone the owner, to attend to your issues. Well, it was true and we had a great conversation about his beautiful product. He’s really passionate about it and to me that makes it even more exciting!

On top of his amazing customer service,when I offered my credit information to make my purchase- he quickly informed me that he wasn’t going to need that. He sent me 4 more sheets than I actually planned on trying at NO CHARGE. Also, he included the Nail Template and a really cute bumper sticker! I’m just floored! So now, enough of my blathering! Let’s get to the good stuff!

I have NO experience in professional nail design. So anything that may not look 100% perfect has nothing to do with this product. This is really designed for the pro’s, but I think there’s room for it in the D.I.Y. market with a little practice. Especially for those of us who like to use cut outs and mixed media in our work.

This is what I received from Lucien at http://www.empowernailart.com

nails 005

I originally had some much better photos of these beauties, but babies and smart phones aren’t a good combo and unfortunately I suffered photo casualties.

Here is the first attempt with the gorgeous Holographic nail fabric from the “Metal” Style set:

nails 2412

As you can see it’s just amazing! I had to use an Exacto knife and a small pair of detailing scissors to clean up,but Lucien recommends using a swivel knife. Fiskars makes a nice one which you can purchase for about $8.00. Unfortunately, due to the holiday, I didn’t receive mine and had to go “old school”. These sheets are really easy to use. The backing is a bit tough when you first go at it, but trust me- just practice. Once you get the hang of it, you start to imagine all the possiblities.

Here are a couple more that I played around with

From the "Metal" Style Set

From the “Metal” Style Set

"Lines" from the Clear and Abstract set.

“Lines” from the Clear and Abstract set.

I tried these out as full coverage, but I can see creating lovely chevrons, hearts and other accents. Lucien encourages this as you can see by the back of the sheets.

nails 002

Nice little stencils, already built in to help create your favorite designs in different colors! And since these aren’t “pre-cut” you can virtually create any look you want since you aren’t limited by size or pre-fab strips. I see tons of possibilities!

I feel as if this post really doesn’t begin to show you how beautiful and innovative this product is. Certainly the photos could be better! But , I do hope it has encouraged you to visit http://www.empowernailart.com to see more of the nail fabric designs available. Each sheet sells for 9.50 and also I will add, that there is no need for topcoat or base coat. You can use a base coat (I didn’t and removal was fine). I really didn’t see the need for a topcoat since they really are incredibly durable and shiny. Aslo feel free to check out the videos on the site to further explore this innovative line. You can check out Lucien’s designs in action on his instagram  page. http://instagram.com/empowernailart#

Thanks again Lucien!

Every week I try and introduce two beginner nail artists on the blog. I enjoy being able to promote my fellow newbie’s creations to you. I hope the ladies like it too! First up on the list is Jess M. I love this lady! She’s a stay at home mom like me at the moment. She’s also a really smart Science-type lady. She has a son named Henry, who’s just about as silly as his mama! I consider her to be one of favorite ladies from the IG communtiy! I let everyone write their own descriptions and intro’s so this is what Jess sent me!

jess mani

“I used Forever Polished in WaterMelon Punch as a base. I used striping tape on the pinky and ring finger. I made a little heart on the middle finger using a dotting tool, because who doesn’t love hearts?!? I used regular tape for the designs on my index finger and thumb. I love doing tape manis because while they are simple, they can also be very fun and creative. 🙂 The pink I used is Hottub from Urban Outfitters, and the green is London Calling from Color Club. Thanks for letting me share a manicure on your awesome blog!”

Thanks Jess! It was my pleasure! I love tape mani’s and this looks very 80’s in a GOOD way!

You can check out more of Jess’ work on IG @jesspaintshernails http://instagram.com/jesspaintshernails#

Second up is the lovely Jillian T. I just recently met this young lady, bonding over our love of nail art!

jilly nails

“My name is Jillian and I am a 19 year old college student. I have painted my nails since I was young, but I did not take nail painting seriously or really dabble into nail art until about July of 2012 (I joined IG about March-April of the same year). Growing up, I had a problem with nail biting. The problem persisted and was so bad, in fact, I did not stop gnawing away at my poor nails until the end of my junior year in High School (June of 2011) and I only stopped because I had braces put on at the time (who knew that little metal brackets and wires glued to my teeth would end a problem I had a difficult time stopping my whole life up until that point? Who would have thunk?) During the year and half of my time as a “brace face” was when I really toiled with the crazy, out-of-this-world (haha, get it?) idea of attempting to grow my nails out and paint them! I was ” one of those people” who would paint their nails (cuticles included, of course!) and have the audacity to post it online thinking, “Wow! These look SO great!” Little did I know about clean up, clarity of pictures, and, well, not painting my cuticles! LOL But here I am, about a year later, writing this blurb for this awesomesauce blog, and getting amazing feedback from amazing people in the nail community I was so fortunate enough to come across and discover! Reflecting back on this wonderful talent I have picked up over time, I have learned so many new things about myself and have overcome a lot of the insecurities and problems I have had from childhood (not to mention, killed a lot time I would sit at home bored! & time, well, that should’ve been spent on homework or studying too haha. But hey, I still passed my classes!). I would have never thought in a million years (or 19, but who’s counting?!) that this newly surfacing form of an art medium would become such an important and huge passion in my life?!
And for my first ever attempt (had to do somethin’ somethin’ for this joyous occasion!) at galaxy nails!! Hope you all love them just as much as I do! 🙂 The whole whopping 2.5 hours (I promise, it only took that long because I made nachos halfway through my “art” time) and a lot of convincing from a dear friend to not take it off as many times as I wanted to! For this design, I used a rainbow of polishes (yes, the whole design is using nail polish and nail polish only!): for my base, I used “Stay the Night” from the OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand collection; for the “galaxy” colors, I used “Rise and Shine” by Sinful Colors, “Why Not” by Sinful Colors, “Shelby” by Zoya, “Arizona” by Zoya, and “Henna-Thing Is Possible” by Sephora by OPI; for the stars and dots I used “Pineapple Plantation” by Island Girl; I topped this whole mani off with “Invisible” by Sally Hansen. As long as this design may have taken me, with practice, this design will go by quicker for not only myself but for others who want to try it out on their own nails! (It is not as difficult as it seems either, and what is great about it is there is no precise way to do it! So even if it is not “perfect” it will still ultimately look like a galaxy!)”

You can see more of Jillian’s work on IG @itsjillian_ http://instagram.com/itsjillian_#

Again thanks ladies for stepping up to the plate with such great work!

(just a reminder to my contributors, I DO NOT edit your pictures, so keep that in mind when sizing them for this format. I want your work to look as good as you planned!)

Thanks again for reading. I’m working diligently to get a proper light box to present better photos. I’m also still learning my way around this wordpress thingy! 😛

I hope you tune in again next week! Also I’ll be looking for 2-3 ladies (or gents) to feature every week- so kik me or email me if you’re interested.

Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Love, Anne-Marie


4 thoughts on “Empower Nail Art ..I’m stuck on you!

  1. I know right?! I completely stumbled on it by accident! I see so many things you can do with this! I hope I helped open up a whole new market for him, while also giving all us IG girls new stuff to play with!! Thanks for reading Mel!

  2. I just wanted to say thank you again for featuring my nails, lady!!! You are awesome. I’m also very intrigued with the nail fabric idea! Sounds very cool. I’m glad he was so great about it too, so all of us now know he’s awesome at customer service. Loving your blog, keep up the good work!! ❤

    • It was my pleasure! I love your nails so it was a “no brainer”. Plus you rule, so yeah! And thanks for reading- you guys make me feel really awesome about my passion for this. Even if I only have a few readers, it totally makes my day!

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