We Need An Intervention

I haven’t posted since, August. Life has been pretty busy. I was in school and have since, graduated. About 2 months before graduation, we took Zoë to her 3 yr wellness check up. Nothing has been the same, since. Buggy (Our nick name for her- short for “love bug” ) has been in occupational therapy and speech therapy -since. Her OT has been such a great help! We’re just starting to “break ground”. See, Buggy doesn’t respond quickly to new people. She has a difficult time focusing on faces, or understanding what people’s facial expressions, even mean… Topping things off, our ST- was pregnant- like “ready any day” – and she was out of the picture, for about 2 months. (We were not upset by this! Babies are awesome!) The facility is flooded with patients, so Buggy- went without ST. In some ways, this was a good thing. She gained a lot of confidence! She learned to trust her therapist. Amanda (Bug’s OT) – is an amazing young woman! She can handle Buggy’s tantrums. She takes the time to understand Buggy’s echolalia- she knows “the script”.  They have an amazing connection! And it’s done wonders for us, as a family. Less meltdowns, and a deeper understanding of Buggy’s motivations and fears. The speech therapist, has returned- and now we’re working 2 times a week, with both.

Today. Oh, today!  I live in Florida. A state, that isn’t actually world-renowned for taking care of the impoverished, homeless, mentally ill – or the disabled. My daughter receives Florida Kid Care. Everything seemed fine. I mean- I don’t have any health insurance, neither does my husband. We didn’t qualify. But- Buggy did! Great! It seemed like, she was going to get all the help she needed. Today. Oh, today! – I decided to grab the mail, in my pajamas- no less! Because, that’s what you do- when your 3yr old, has been sick with a fever and runny nose, all night. Man- I wish my husband wasn’t the “designated adult” for grocery shopping. Because, he would have grabbed the mail.. He would have read the two letters, from United Health, that refused our therapists requests- for 48 more weeks of OT and ST.

Yup. They said “NO!” – to the most important help, my little girl needs. I sobbed! I can’t lie about that, I can’t hide it. Hell!- I’m writing this, to vent!

Early intervention is key, for kids that have special needs. But- my state, our country- is denying this for our kids! In  N.E. Florida- we have ONE doctor! One man- that can give a proper diagnosis- to either, rule out -or secure an “autism” diagnosis. What people fail to understand- is that “autism” is actually, not just one thing. In fact, ASD is preferred, among  most parents waiting for an “official” diagnosis. Our kids are on the spectrum. Or- the waiting room. It seems to be counter-productive, to the truest goal. – Goal: Raising our ASD kids to be self-sufficient adults. All kids with special needs, deserve that! All kids deserve, to grow up and take care of themselves.

If it’s so necessary, to have early intervention- why cut it off for so many families?! If our kids are ever going to be able, to take care of themselves – why destroy that possibility? Why not allow the early interventions? Intervene positively. To me- this would make all of the difference, for kids that are under the age of 14. And also- save money- for the kids that are 14+.

Bottom line- these kids grow up. They “age out” of services. Most states “age out” at 22yrs old. – Imagine having a child you can’t take care of forever. Imagine knowing, you may never live long enough, to make sure they’re safe. Not- “Oh I hope Susie gets a good job.”  Not- “Oh , I hope Joey finds a nice girl and gets married.”   I go to bed every night thinking: “How can I live long enough, to take care of Zoë?” “What will happen to her, if we can’t help her talk and something happens?” “What will become of our daughter, if we can’t get her the services she needs?” .

We need an intervention. This government, our health system, our country.  For everyone. But especially, for our special kids.



Zoë Is Different

I haven’t blogged in a long time. It isn’t because , there was nothing to say. I just, couldn’t say it. I’m not the kind of person that hides things. I’m so terrible at it. So,silence seemed the best way to deal with this.

In April, my beautiful little girl, had her 3 year wellness exam. Everything seemed fine. Except, the test. Not a blood test. The M-CHAT-R. Our lives have never been the same, since. She checked on 19- out of 20. We were devastated! HOW?! How, could our little girl, who counts to 23, knows all her colors and letters.. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?!

Everything that -never made sense- suddenly made sense. But not really. Because, there’s no “sense” to this. Autism, or ASD or PDD-NOS or SPD. What’s going on here?! I can tell you this much.  A lot of tears.

Tears from a little girl, that can only be happy when she spins. A lot. A little girl, who used to love having her picture taken. Now- she just grabs the camera. A little girl, that can say SO MANY words…But, can’t talk to us. A little girl, that cries a lot – because we don’t understand.

It’s difficult as parents. I’m sure- it’s worse for her.

Zoë is different.

We love our Zoë.



Open Up and Say “Ahhhh!”.. To Doctor Lacquer!

So sorry for not posting lately! There’s been loads of annoying MIL related issues going on here at home. Add a toddler to the mix- and plain, general “malaise” … it’s not exactly a recipe for “fun time”. That being said, I really wanted to tell you guys about Doctor Lacquer!

I can’t really get enough of this lady’s creations. I mean REALLY! I’m completely addicted to her Jelly and Crelly, glitter creations!  Sometimes, I feel alone in the “strange-love” I have for this style of polish. Often, I can’t find a line that fulfills my wishes; Squishie, jelly, crelly and glittery – but not too “show-ey” . I realize I just made up alot of words.. but if you get it.. you GET IT!

Lately, I’ve been having a difficult time choosing collections from my Indie faves. There’s either too many to choose from, or orders I’ve made, that to this day- haven’t been fulfilled. Yup! I have paid money to said persons- and not received my orders. Doesn’t really seem fair- Does it? It’s truly put a damper on my endeavors. I can’t swatch or design for you – on my dime- if you can’t deliver and be an honest business person.

That’s NEVER happened with this company! So let’s get on to the polish..

2484 2482 nails 332

From top to bottom : “Fashion Magazine” – “The Perfect Lipstick”- “Natural Beauty”

“Fashion Magazine” – 3 Coats- no real pain in getting the glitters. Full crelly coverage! I’m in love with the new labels and the new bottle shape! The only sad thing I can say about this- I used it twice and it’s 1/4 gone. I don’t want it to leave my life! The glitters are gorge and the suspension is AMAZING! The pretty little neon studs, were a gift from Lesley http://instagram.com/polishaus# from Polishaus. I thought they were a gorgeous combination!


Next up from Doctor Lacquer –


“The Perfect Lipstick”- This is a lavender/pink jelly. The suspension is amazing, but the brush is a little too narrow to pick up the glitters. This swatch was achieved by pulling out my nail art brushes. Now don’t get upset! These things happen on “first runs”. Personally,  I’d recommend that all Indie polish artisans use wider brushes for their “glitter bombs”.. that being said, It doesn’t mean they’re doing it “wrong”. It’s all trial and error. And the polish stands well on it’s own. So I say – YES!- pick this up if you can. There’s no “undies” on this swatch. Just terrible weather , which =bad lighting.

Lastly- My favorite.. Which is weird , since I look terrible in most yellows- but…

nails 332

This … GAH! I love this “yelly-jelly”!! This is “Natural Beauty” . WHAT A BEAUTY! This really only needs two coats for full coverage- without opacity. I swatched it over a CG yellow. But only because I wanted it to be super vibrant. The picture above shows the macro and the swatch on a transparent swatch stick.

I can say most honestly that I LOVE Doctor Lacquer’s polishes! I’ve never been disappointed. The shipping is fast- the customer service is beyond amazing. But most important- the product is Top-Notch!

Plus, I have a strange affinity for anything “toof-shaped” 😀

You can purchase these polishes and others from Doctor Lacquer here -http://doctorlacquer.storenvy.com

And don’t forget to follow Doctor Lacquer on IG here: http://instagram.com/doctorlacquer#

Thanks for reading! And remember to support your Indie polish makers and DIY’ers EVERYWHERE!

❤ Anne-Marie


Sweet Therapy’s Holographic Fall Preview !!

Well Hi there! Remember me? I used to write blogs here- then I came down with a hideous disease! Okay- it’s just Walking Pneumonia.I just like to act dramatic here because I’m a Mum and I can’t act like that at home. Pretty sure no one would care any how! HAHA!

So Tanaya from Sweet Therapy sent me some polishes to swatch from her new holographic line! I really can’t tell you how lovely these are. The formulas are just wonderful- a few only took 1 coat! Which is nearly unheard of in the handmade polish realm. *Notice I said “nearly unheard of” meaning, I haven’t heard of any- but if you have- don’t take it personally !! * 😀 Tanaya is so sweet and she also makes lovely bath and beauty products! You can visit her shop at http://www.sweettherapy.etsy.com  – So let’s dig in!

Sweet Therapy

Sweet Therapy

So these are the lovelies she sent me, along with a sweet Thank You card! (I blurred the photo because at the time I was concerned about privacy.)

First up is “Hollow Queen” :

"Hollow Queen" by Sweet Therapy

“Hollow Queen” by Sweet Therapy

This was difficult to photograph! It has a lovely lavender and pink holographic hue. It reads as grey from some angles. In lower light- as in moonlight the holo really shimmers! Perfect polish for a night out!

Next up is “Plumb Berry” I took a low light shot and a day shot to give the sparkles their “due” :

Low light shot of "Plumb Berry" by Sweet Therapy

Low light shot of “Plumb Berry” by Sweet Therapy

This is low light- The glitters are really standing out. And this is just 1 generous coat! The formula is so smooth and cleans up nicely! I’m kind of obsessed with 1 coat polishes that just glide onto my digits! Here’ comes the daylight shot:

Daylight shot of "Plumb Berry" by Sweet Therapy

Daylight shot of “Plumb Berry” by Sweet Therapy

In the daylight it seems more holographic “bits and fleks” then shimmery. I just love that plum color- which is completely on trend for the new Fall season!

Next we have “Strawberry Kiss”:

"Strawberry Kiss" by Sweet Therapy

“Strawberry Kiss” by Sweet Therapy

This is so sweet and girly! It’s such a lovely take on a standard Fall wine color. It almost insinuates pink- but with sophistication! This was also just 1 easy coat! I could definitely see this shade making it through the Winter and early Spring seasons as well!

Last but not least we have “Honey B” :

"Honey B" by Sweet Therapy

“Honey B” by Sweet Therapy

This lime green/yellow shimmer-baby is GORGE! I don’t usually like a yellow on my skin tone..but this is definitely not the case with this pretty! The tiny holo glitters just make you want to stare at your fingers! You know when you get that polish you could just stare at it in EVERY different lighting possible? Like you’re afraid to look at your hands when you’re driving because you might just stare too long?- Yup! That’s this polish! And these are available for $7.50 for a full size!!

Now you’ll note from the first picture that Tanaya sent me 5 polishes.. It seems Miss Zoë Jane decided to grab the remaining bottle in it’s cute little bag, and make off with it. As some of you know, my house is under renovation. We have boxes and building supplies all over this joint! So I’ll have to edit this post with a swatch, once I locate it. I’ll also make sure to put it up on IG. (Sorry Tanaya!! ❤ You know babies though- they’re fast like lightning and sneaky too!)

Remember, you can purchase these polishes and other lovely handmade sundries at http://www.sweettherapy.etsy.com  you can also “Like” them on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/SweetTherapy1    And don’t forget about her IG page! http://instagram.com/sweet_therapy_shop#

Thanks for reading!

Have a great weekend!!

❤ Anne-Marie


Why I hate Walmart. Reason #1017

reason #1017 “Why I Hate Walmart” : I have a baby. I need to diaper and feed said baby. Unfortunately, due to the present economy and my location in the world… I have to shop at Walmart. Today, I experienced a major issue with the populace that frequents Walmart. It was sad and here it goes:

At the check out, as my Husband was overseeing the bagging, I was attending to my sweet Zoë Jane. In front of the nail salon located within said Walmart, A girl.. (I won’t call her a woman.) Sporting a “skin carving” of a Swastika on her bare, right back shoulder-blade…was pushing her little girl..(which unfortunately, due to her very unkempt state, took a long look for me to realize it was a girl.) In a filthy stroller, with little feet, blackened from dirt at the bottoms. She looked tired and hungry and was sobbing. Her beautiful golden hair seemed to have been hacked off carelessly. Her gorgeous deep brown eyes seemed to sad. She was exhausted. I could tell this child of probably no older than 2 needed supper, a bath, clean jammies, a story and a clean bed. None of which I think was in her future. I was immediately enraged. It was that bad. Her mother had her MP3 player plugged in to her ears and ignored every whimper and sob.

LET’S BE CLEAR: I was not judging this woman on a possible mistake she made in her youth for her Swastika carving. It’s none of my business. But this baby girl was clearly in need of care.

The woman checking out of the register next to me, was also looking at this situation. You have to understand what it felt like for us, as mothers with daughters just feet from this poor darling. Our daughter’s were clean, happy, wearing clean clothing, well fed.

This little princess was filthy, sad, neglected. As mothers we were struggling to hold back the feelings of anger. We exchanged looks, both of us bordering on tears.

I have a neurological disorder that makes me shake. When I’m angry and trying to hold it in- it’s VERY visible- in my whole body. I didn’t want to cause a scene. I actually felt sick too my stomach! I thought “This little girl is no less important than mine, she deserves loving arms and care and consolation. Why do I have to sit and watch this?! Why does she have to be next to the happy, clean and well-fed kids?! While she is suffering!! Please God! Take care of her!!”

I did see a glimpse of my daughter’s sweetness. She gazed upon her fellow beauty and gave her the signature Zoë Jane smile- super “toothy” and completely genuine. The little darling smirked back- right before her mother pushed her in the other direction.

I begged my Husband to hurry and get us out of there- I thought and prayed “Dear Lord- please let this little girl be safe. Please let me never see her face on the news! Please find a way to help her Mum realize the potential in the gift that is her child!”

I hope you pray for this little girl tonight. I wish she could know the mark she made on my heart. I will never let her escape from my prayers. I will never forget her.